Self reflection: after 1 year of IMMIT program

I wrote CV for an internship recently. It is good time to reflect what I have learned during the last year.

It has been a year after studying aboard. Despite many challenging arguments, I think I have made a good choice.  The richest part of this program is not the studying, but it’s the experience. Living in 3 countries (or 4)  for one semester each really widen my perspective about the world. It reveals cultural diversity which I trust it will be crucial in the next decade, considering the globalization rate.



  • Exercise – manage to exercise continuously for the whole year 🙂  Well, I gained 7 kilograms last summer. But considering my current weight, I’m still underweight… so it’s good 🙂
  • Learning about business side – one of my goal of studying IMMIT is to understand how/what business people think. I have achieved this goal.
  • International teamwork – considering IMMIT has around 10 different nationalities. The group work can be considered as challenging. A lot of fights (put it nicely, “discussion”) during the group work happened and it’s good to experience how people can work in a totally different approaches with the same goal.

Area of improvement

  • English skill – my listening skill is still far from perfect, also pronunciation. I decided to join a debate club this semester.
  • Technical skills – I indeed lost my programming skill somewhere after a whole year 😛


  • Get a good job right after graduate !! – That’s the whole purpose of studying master, isn’t it? 😛 (if we omit entertaining part). This is not a good goal as  “good” isn’t well-defined. Still, I have my criteria 🙂
  • Improve English skills – language is indeed a life long learning – -”
  • Complete IMMIT program with average score 9/10 – sounds ambitious… my current GPA is 8.7/10 so it is possible if I can get very good grade from Tilburg and thesis. It is true that grades do not matter much after a few years of work. Still, I want to challenge myself.
  • Enjoy my life… what else can be more important?
  1. #1 by Hien Nguyen on November 5, 2012 - 2:24 am

    If you ‘re intersted in SAP, pls send me your cv .

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