TOEIC Test Again

This is the second time I take the TOEIC test. Last time, I didn’t do it very well (But I got quite well score), so I aim to get better this time.

TOEIC test is quite intensive, 200 questions in 2 hours. The listening part is very fast, and you will lose 2-3 questions if you don’t concentrate well.

For someone who’s going to take the exam, try these tips.
1. In listening part, skim the question ahead does help a lot.
2. However, I don’t like to skim the choices, it confuses me.
3. It is good to write A, B, C ,D beside the questions in listening part and use them to take a quick note.
4. If you can’t follow the tape, you can just make a sign on your question sheets and mark into your answer sheets later.
5. Plan how to use your time in Reading part before the exam.
6. If you think you can’t make it in time, skip the error recognization part. The passage part are much easier but it takes a lot of time.
7. In error recognization part, instead of scanning all underlined phrase(or word) to find an error, just read the whole sentense and use your instinct first. It’s quicker and more accurate this way. Analysing each underlined phrase are slower and confusing.
8. In passage part, read the question and skim for the answer. This is quicker.



  1. #1 by fahsai on January 26, 2009 - 6:36 pm

    Thanks lots for your tips.

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