Another Strange Dream

I was killed by an old hag. I don’t know how but I am dead.

As a soul, I wander around and I met that hag again, she was killing another guy.

After she has killed him, she resurrected him with some kind of magic.

I ask her why she resurrected him (It’s strange that I don’t ask her why she killed me). She said “Because he is my son”

“So why you kill him”

“Once you’re killed it’s easier to move your soul out of your body, because they have been separated once before”

As she was saying that, that guy can release the soul from his body. When I saw his face, I began to hate him . And since he’s a child of the old hag who killed me I started my revenge by grabbing his shirt and hitting him with my knee.

But it didn’t work. He wasn’t hurt no matter how much I try.

The old hag then started to explain that, you’re doesn’t have matter anymore so physical attack means nothing.

Then that guy’s soul and mine were sent to one hospital. Both flied through the air over the express way.

When I entered the room there were other souls who have just died. They were lecturing how to live as a soul.

It amazed me that soul society have a good education program. This society are welled-structured than I think.

Then I woke up.

I went to the toilet and turn on the light. It was one clock. I went back to the blanket and started sleeping again…

Yet… I had another dream….

Totally, last night, I had three dreams. And I can remember most of them.

That’s all for today. If you expect that I will blog the other two dreams, you’re wrong…. I won’t ….

Have a nice dream…



  1. #1 by chakrit on October 21, 2008 - 11:39 am

    haha what’s in those 2 dreams? I wonder

    do they teach you how to be born again?

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