Vital Characteristic for Successful Innovator(Creative Blog#23)

In the last creativity class room, we have three guest speakers. All of them are known successful innovation creator.

Since we can’t find a lot of inventor in Thailand, it’s a very good to see how inventors think and how they develop their idea.

One characteristic they share in common is “not afraid of failure”. To be a successful inventor, it’s certain that you have to fail before for many times. These people rarely talk or think about failures, rather, they’re interested in how to push them self toward the goal.

On the other hand, I think this characteristic is also important in many career that has “high risk”. Entrepreneur is a good example. It’s important to see risk as challenge and use it as a fuel to drive you toward success.

… I have a lot to talk about, however wring things in English is very hard, especially when its original version is Thai – -” I don’t know why I end up so short blog today…


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