A Month in Organizing Barcamp (part 2)(Creative Blog#20)

(continue from part 1)

Aruj start promoting this event LIKE HELL, which means every student in our department should at least heard the word “Barcamp”.

Amazingly, the first person who joined our team is Jann. This is because Jann is my close friend and I know that she isn’t interested in extra-curriculum activity. I don’t know how Aruj persuades her. (May be he told her this is an opportunity to find a foreigner boyfriend.)

The only student activity Jann joined was Vishnukummabood camp when we were in the second year. I can say that she had done a very good job. She’s skillful, highly-responsible. Moreover, she is a woman (Yes !! she is !!) which means she can see and do a lot of things…those men like us can’t. (Don’t start thinking dirty, guys !!)
Our first job is to make a proposal document. That’s a piece of cake (I can say that because I didn’t do it 😛 ). And try to negotiate the budget we’ll get for Nitad#15 (We planed to hold the third Barcamp at Nitad#15, remember?)

A few weeks later, Aruj kicked off the first meeting for anyone who is interested. We expected to know the third year students from this meeting.

I could see disappointment in Aruj’s eyes. In this meeting, we got only three third year students participate and not much fourth year students attended. Moreover, we felt like our junior students’re too shy to talk and express their ideas. Most people replied Aruj that they’re interested. However, it doesn’t mean they’ll have commitment. It’d be useless to have a lot of interests but no commitment.

(Yeah, it sounds bad, but the next meeting is completely different. To be continued)


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