A Month in Organizing Barcamp (part 1)(Creative Blog#19)

After Barcamp was finished, I was too busy to write blog about sessions I join.

Now, a week has passed, I have mostly forgotten about thos sessions – -”

But I should blog it, right?

So I am going to tell you guys about organizing Barcamp….

It started when Aruj told me he want to host a conference in Nitad#15. The theme of this conference is almost about everything (Software Engineering, Comp Network, Hardware, Technology, DB) And we have to find guest speakers ourself and some sessions can be held by our professors or even students.

The bell rang when we heard about Barcamp.

Barcamp has the concepts we’re looking for. First, it’s about every thing. Second, we don’t have to find speakers ourselves since participant will do for us. Third, it looks fun and
that means we can recruit a lot staffs easily.

At that point, John (JFXberns) is looking for a venue for BarcampBangkok#2. Aruj thought that it’s good opportunity to test if it is what we’re looking for. Moreover, our staffs will experience organizing the camp and see real problems.

We had only two people during that time (And I was pretty busy). So Aruj contacted with John and do preliminary feasibility analysis himself.

To tell the truth, I didn’t really want to do any camps. Not only I’ll be very busy this year, But I also have promised not to do any extra-curriculum activity anymore after I got a girlfriend. But I can’t turn down Aruj’s request. He helped me a lot last year.

For any student activity we need 4 things

  1. Professor’s support
  2. Money
  3. Effective Staffs with responsibility
  4. Time
  5. Clear Scope

Aruj had gotten #1. And the barcamp staffs got #2

And since there’re other activities in Nitad#15, we decide to recruit staffs as early as we can . It’s a very important decision and turn to be one of the success keys in this organizing. You’ll see in the next part…


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